Judith ter Haar


As a forecaster, curator and creator of concepts, Judith strives to connect people, products and places through intuitive experiences. She is a self­made woman, passionate with the will to stand out. Having grown up as a child in two contrasting worlds: Africa and the Netherlands, Judith has grown up with the need to create bridges, connecting people, connecting places and connecting creativity. Driven by intuitive knowledge, she combines her naturally inherent sense for aesthetics and emerging developments with a deep understanding of culture, art, philosophy and society. By translating her vision into ideas that communicate a strong story, she provides meaning, inspiration and engagement to her projects, presentations and forecasts.


Judith has been of great importance as a pioneer of experiential retail concepts, that bridge commerce and culture. For over more than 25 years she has been operating as an independent entrepreneur. ‘Jones Arnhem’ was the initial platform she created to introduce the marriage between art and retail. The art of curation has been central to its success, with high­end designers like Dries Van Noten, Maison Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester as well as a carefully selected group of young designers, she has managed to create a platform that introduces a new idea on retail. With retail as a method to exchange creative intelligence, she introduced social awareness and education in her work. This specific approach has granted her the recognition to initiate several projects that focus on this exchange.


Judith is a firm believer of sharing her experience in a form of education. She lectures in Creative Curation and Trend Forecasting at the Master Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem and Designskolen Kolding, which mostly tend to turn into inspiring do­lectures.

Judith’s work cannot be captured within a specific style but has a personal signature that unveils itself through the curation of visual presentations.

Maus Vos

Maus started her career as a psychiatric nurse in healthcare, yet fashion has always been an essential part of her life. Together with her partner she worked for professional fashion journals and later she became an agent for fashion brands. For over more than 25 years, Maus and Judith have been friends and often travelled together abroad for work as fashion professionals.


“Building a relationship with customers based on trust and respect on both sides is essential to my work.”

Tanja Rapati

Tanja graduated cum laude for Fashion Design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. In 2004, she began working for Jones and has been of great value ever since. Her focus is on the total visual merchandising of the shop, from the presentation and styling of the collection to interior design and the styling of the shopping windows.


“Every day is inspiring at Jones, to make the best choices for my customers and to curate their wardrobes is what drives me.”


Amber Zeekaf

Amber was the first student of Judith in her role as a tutor in Concept & Curation at the ArtEZ Master Fashion Strategy. A bond between the two was directly founded when Amber graduated on her specialisation ‘Intuitive Retail’. It was the start of a long relationship in which Amber entered the world of Jones. Within Jones she takes the role as a creator of the visual language and develops concepts and gatherings for the store alongside Judith. In 2013, she joined the creative collective STUDIO by Judith ter haar.

“For me Jones is a fertile learning environment, a home where I can trigger my senses on everyday aesthetics.”