A creative collective of retailors, rethinkers and researchers, rooted in our passion for retail. A team of heartworkers, specialised in ethnographic research, art direction, vision development, curation and retailoring.


The booklet ‘A hymn to the colours of nature’ is a compendium of poetry and colours inspired by the taste and moods of nature and seasons. The book presents a well-established colour palette and texts symbolizing the colours of earth, seeding, growth, blooming and silence. 

Retail Future Home

The Retail Future Home concept has been developed into an ‘interactive trend forecasting experience’ at the request of Modefabriek. In other words, the display in the connecting hall is not your everyday trend presentation, but an experience.                           

The Retail Roadmap

Commissioned by the research project Virtuele Verwachting, Fysieke Beleving, funded by RAAK/SIA with Saxion as leading partner and supported by CLICK NL | NextFashion and Modelectoraat ArtEZ, STUDIO discovered new trends and created solutions that marry the offline.